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Welcome to the FitMama Podcast!

This is the work IN to your workout.

Being a FitMama all starts with Love and unconditional love starts from within.

This podcast will inspire, educate and motivate you to be the FitMama you want to be.

I look forward to hearing your feedback, please contact me anytime!

Love Jen

Aug 19, 2020

Hi, Fit Mama our guest on the podcast episode is Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken, ND, author of Create Calm: The Professionals Guide to Overcoming Anxiety.


For Dr. Aitken, anxiety is not a fact but a response or reaction that occurs naturally to help and protect us. It should not be a permanent state, but a transient...

Aug 11, 2020

Jenn Sadai is a Canadian author and advocate using her talents and life experiences to inspire and empower women.


Jenn discusses her book about self-love and body image entitled the Cottage Cheese Thighs. She shared her long struggles with body weight, eating disorders, and self-esteem. For her, the scale played...