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Love Jen

Sep 10, 2020

This episode is loaded with nuggets of wisdom for women at all stages of motherhood and for those who don’t have children but still have a vagina! Join Kate Roddy and I as we chat Vaginal Self-Care and all the mind-body aspects of taking care of your own vagina.

Kate Roddy is a veteran orthopedic and pelvic floor physiotherapist and creator of The Kegel Release Curve. Kate is the mama to two of her own and has much experience and wisdom she is imparting in this episode.


Kate believes that blood flow is vital for achieving orgasm and healing our vaginas after giving childbirth. She also gives us the real scoop on what sex is like after giving birth. Our bodies have changed and are healing for 6-8 weeks. But generally, doctors do not go into depth on what sex is like after we’ve delivered and our healing process is taking place. Kate has some amazing tips for us FitMamas so tune in closely today!


Kate is a believer in you being the first one to explore your body after having a baby. What do your vulva and vagina look like? How is it feeling? She also shares in detail the benefits of perineal massage before and after birth. Kate created The Kegel Release Curve after her own pregnancy and this pelvic wand has some great features that others on the market don’t have.


You can find Kate on her website and Instagram! To learn more about her amazing Kegel Release Curve you can visit the website or Instagram. It was such a treat having Kate with us! I hope you enjoyed our chat as much as I did! Let us know what you think on FitMama Podcast Instagram!


Kate Roddy Episode Time Stamp:

1:00 - Kate Roddy's Work
3:00 - Results on Orgasms Research
6:00 - Achieving Orgasms
10:00 - Doing Pelvic Floor Contractions
13:00 - Touch and Confidence
16:00 - Stereotypes becoming a Reality
18:00 - Protecting Pelvic Floor Health
21:00 - Unclenched
23:35 - FitMama Way Ad
27:30 - Orgasm is a Way of Self-Love
29:30 - Post-Partum Orgasm
32:30 - Sex Positions
36:00 - Vaginal Care
38:00 - Power Back into Women's Hands
41:00 - Biofeedback
43:00 - Conclusion