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Love Jen

Sep 18, 2020

This week’s episode features someone who I know you will love! Our guest is Dr. Michelle Peris, ND! This amazing FitMama has 2 kiddos of her own and is changing the narrative for how we approach our health. 


Dr. Michelle Peris is the founder of a women’s community health initiative called  The Wild Collective. This community medicine initiative involves women coming together as sisters in self-care! They discuss topics like their menstrual cycles, digestion, detoxification, mental health and so much more in a community setting where they hold each other accountable and share their ups and downs. Dr. Michelle is a huge believer that having a community like this in health care is the missing puzzle piece when it comes to adopting and maintaining healthy behaviors over time.


Dr. Michelle shares her education, experience, and wisdom on simplifying her patients as well as her own health and routine, harnessing her menstrual cycle to empower her with energy, and she shares things she has experienced in her own life that will certainly inspire you on your FitMama journey.


You can find Dr. Michelle on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, her website, and Podcast. To learn more about The Wild Collective check here for more info.


Time Stamp:

1:00 - All About Wild Creative
4:00 - Impact of Social Support
8:00 - People Implementing her Recommendations
12:00 - Power of our Menstrual Cycle
16:00 - Intuitive Messaging
20:00 - FitMama AD - Dr. Michelle Peris
22:30 - Apps for Health and Fitness
24:00 - Working with Post-Partum Mom
28:00 - Managing Time of Being a Mother
32:00 - Simplifying Medicine
36:00 - Fasting
39:00 - Her Own Pleasure and Play
43:00 - Conclusion