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Being a FitMama all starts with Love and unconditional love starts from within.

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Love Jen

Jan 8, 2020

This episode will have you feeling excited to live more courageously FitMama!


I Interview Maggie and we get into the details of living a courageous life.


Maggie is the mother of two boys and she shares her story with us in this episode. Maggie helps people live courageously through her Empowerment Sessions as well as her Personal Wellness Journal.


We talk about how her son was tested for ASD and through nutrition and gut healing protocols, she was able to help him start talking and meeting his milestones. Maggie talks about stress levels, she was under and how these affected her hormones and all areas of her life. She began nutrition school and became empowered to help herself and others feel better.


Courageous empowerment around asking further questions to your medical and health practitioners is another thing that we talk about - and it’s all too common that we are not getting the answers that will empower us - and what to do when this is the case.


Advocating for yourself or baby and getting clear answers that help set you on a healthier path is part of a courageous approach to our health.


Click HERE to connect more with Maggie and find her on Instagram HERE.