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Love Jen

Jul 23, 2020

Let’s talk about sex FitMama! Get ready for this interview with one of my faves!


Alexa Martinez is a sex, love, and relationship by design coach and sex coach business mentor on a mission to reform sex education and sexuality expression across the globe. She helps liberate people when it comes to their sexual expression and helps them discover what their sexual desires are and achieve these and their other desires in life as a whole.


Alexa helps a wide range of people and uses multiple modalities and Alexa also can help you understand why you are not in the mood for sex. It might be because there are just so many other things going on in your life but the reasons can be much deeper for you not wanting to access and feel okay with experiencing pleasure. Because understanding what’s at play allows you to take control over how things progress so you can control the outcome.


One of the techniques that Alexa teaches is breathwork, which can help alleviate trauma by over-oxygenating the brain and body. She also shared that guided breathwork can also be incorporated in sex so that you can enjoy sex in a more tantric, more mindful, and more present way.


Alexa shares what got her into being a sex coach and how she believes that sex should not be on the bottom of one’s list because sex is a gateway and helps you access more who you are so you can be a better mother, wife, or anybody that you are, fully expressed, connected with herself and regulated in one’s own system.


One of my favorite resources (get your copy!) that Alexa shares are her Will, Want, Won’t List for couples or individuals to explore, which is a compilation of 300 items that you and your partner answer separately to crack each other’s desires. It helps a couple understand what each other wants to happen during foreplay, the sex itself, and the aftercare. The Want list includes what you desire to be done to you. The Will list includes what you will do for your partner in case your partner wants it, while the Won’t list is the hard limit and non-negotiable aspect of the list, wherein the boundary lies and it’s something you “won’t” do.


Alexa also holds the Sex and Love Academy, a 6-Week Transformational Program that will expand your sexual knowledge, improve your communication skills, and create the sex and love life you've always desired. Subscribe to join the SLA waitlist and to stay informed on when the doors will open! 


You can follow Alexa Martinez on Instagram @thatsexchick and on Facebook and join That Sex Group to stay in touch!