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Being a FitMama all starts with Love and unconditional love starts from within.

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Love Jen

Aug 11, 2020

Jenn Sadai is a Canadian author and advocate using her talents and life experiences to inspire and empower women.


Jenn discusses her book about self-love and body image entitled the Cottage Cheese Thighs. She shared her long struggles with body weight, eating disorders, and self-esteem. For her, the scale played too much factor in how she was living her life until she finally let go obsessing with it. It changed her mentally, which was freeing even if it did not change her body. She accepted herself that she is indeed flawed but fit and fabulous, that it is okay to not fit into the mold of who she was trying to be, and that to be healthy is enough.


Jenn also talks about her upcoming book, which will be out in 2022, which will be about women who want sex. She wants to disprove the notion that women don’t need or crave for sex the way men do. According to her, women can be whoever and do whatever and not feel there's an image that they have to live up to. She’s looking to breaking the stereotypes that are being held for women.


She ended up the podcast with messages of self-love. For Jenn, everything comes down to self-esteem and how you handle a situation comes from how you feel about yourself. Your successful life becomes how you feel about yourself. So, love yourself and be good to yourself.


You can connect with Jenn almost anywhere online through the social media links on her website or email her.


Time Stamp:

1:00 - Her books that give inspiration to many
3:00 - Overcoming Fear in Releasing her book
4:30 - Challenges she faced
7:00 - Her Journey of loving her body
9:40 - Journey of Self-Acceptance
11:00 - Conversation of Feeling Something Good
13:00 - Disappointment
14:00 - Running
15:00 - Reprogram her Thoughts about her Body
15:43 - FitMama Way AD
19:00 - Book Publishing
21:00 - Keep Yourself Active
23:00 - Women Who Want Sex Book
24:00 - Normalizing Conversation of Sex to Women
27:00 - She Wants to talk about Race
28:00 - Learn from the people with Experience
30:00 - Love Yourself
31:00 - Conclusion