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Love Jen

Feb 20, 2020

I am so grateful this week’s guest, Chana Ross is joining me. She is a pelvic health physiotherapist, owner of Vital Physiotherapy. She is an inspiration when it comes to helping women with everything related to their pelvic health.


As we dive into the discussion about pain, incontinence, prolapse and other core happenings around pregnancy and postpartum, we will learn more what a Pelvic health physiotherapist

is all about. Additionally, women who are suffering from pelvic pain or issues related to menopause, women who have gone through cancer treatment and are experiencing pelvic health issues and more. She also helps women rehabilitate if they're experiencing pain during sex or low back pain.


The importance of pelvic health physiotherapy is vital to a woman’s well being there is no doubt about it. I am so glad Chana is doing this work and helping all the women she is helping. Pelvic floor awareness, deep core function, sexual health and pelvic health for women before doing more intense exercise is so vital to be a point of understanding for women in a way I didn’t even know when pregnant and as a new mom. We can be so empowered by learning and understanding these details of our own anatomy and physiology!


Tune in now!


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