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Love Jen

Mar 24, 2020

This week’s episode is interrupting normal content with THE focus of the times, the coronavirus and all things related.

Lisa, a TCM practitioner shares her experience thinking she had the virus and was quarantined for 9 days. She has worked with thousands of patients over the last two decades and shares with us what she did when she thought she had it and what we can all do to prevent contracting the virus.

From talking about whether hot or cold therapy is best, to treatments relating to movement, music or calming the nervous system, Lisa tells us it all!

It’s a global “yin” time is what Lisa has observed and she shares what the stillness can bring if we embrace it. We discuss how our financial choices are linked to our health and Lisa shares how our tongues can give us plenty of wisdom if we know what to look for. How do we know if the things we bring into our home are safe? Lisa shares her methods during quarantine and what we can all do to stay safe.

Ran out of hand sanitizer? Lisa offers a recipe for a DIY version and shares what is best to wear for protection if you go out in public.

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